POTION partecipated in H2020 FET Briefing workshop

May 27 th : POTION Project partners from the University of Pisa and Inventya Ventures, along with three complementary future and emerging technologies (FET) projects, participated in a stimulating workshop focusing on Peer-to-peer experience sharing and dialogue, organised by the FET BRIEFING initiative.

BRIEFING leverages different ways of exploiting FET research by supporting researchers in their innovation exploration and fostering the connection between the worlds of researchers and different business stakeholder groups. During the workshop, researchers shared their experiences about best practices, possible issues, and their solutions. The workshop then enabled attendees to explore methods of effective exploitation of research results; discuss the range of exploitation strategies that can be applied; examine measures of achieving impact; and look at the handling of IP issues.  Topics of particular interest to the POTION partners included implementation of a dissemination and exploitation strategy; how to design a commercialization path; and how to generate follow up projects to ensure sustainability. The event offered an effective way to distribute knowledge and learn from other parties’ experiences and best practices, and thus facilitate structured collaboration between projects.

POTION Scientific Coordinator, Pasquale Scilingo of the University of Pisa, commented: “The workshop was incredibly useful: we shared many issues and challenges, and we collaborated on findings and solutions. We can now progress with a deeper understanding of the way forward
for dissemination and exploitation.”

What is the scent of fear? And that of happiness?

The overall goal of the POTION undertaking is to create an olfactory-based ground-breaking system that uses chemosignals to define their chemical composition, produce them artificially and then use them in both clinical and social scenarios among other things: in the former, so as to improve the management of feelings of trust, happiness and inclusion in
virtual, real and social media contexts; in the latter, POTION will plans to advance the treatment of social anxiety, phobias and depression.
POTION stands out for its innovativeness. It is a unique collaboration between psychologists, experts in wireless body wear, chemists, clinical psychologists, engineers involved in developing odour dispersion systems, among others. It will run for five years and is made up of 10 European partners from eight different countries with complementary profiles (seven research centres from various areas and three companies). Its external committee includes, for example the prestigious MIT (Boston, USA). The project is supported by funds of approximately six and half million euros from the Horizon 2020 program.

POTION’s results aim at a significant impact within both the scientific and the wider community by advancing our knowledge of the chemical underpinnings of social and emotional behaviour whilst having its sights on an overall improvement of social relations and well-being.

For information about the POTION project:

twitter: @PotionProject